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Royal Flush Chips

Festival Series - Blue $2 Chip - Sleeve of 25

Festival Series - Blue $2 Chip - Sleeve of 25

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The Festival Series Chip design will only have 100,000 chips produced, so get yours before they sell out.

Included with Purchase

- (25)x Blue Chips | $2 Denomination


All chips are made from premium ceramic for durability and optimal weight and feel.

Denomination Chips: 39mm, 10 g

Quantity Discounts (applies to all sleeves of chips in your cart)

**Each sleeve is 25 chips**

0-25: $0.9/chip

26-100: $0.85/chip

101-200: $0.8/chip

201-300: $0.75/chip

301-500: $0.70/chip

501-1000: $0.60/chip

>1000: $0.575/chip






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